Meet the team
With over 2 decades of experience shared among our young team we definitely have the skills to get the job done. Your first point of contact will be our gentle giant Pieter.

Pieter has been a player in different industries from IT to Manufacturing.  After testing the waters he finally settled on his passion of creating awesome photos and videos. When he isn't calling clients and planning shoots. He's sitting behind his computer honing his editing skills, watching tutorials and killing his internet cap. Not to brag but he is a quite a popular DJ too! DJ PhatPete in the house Yawl !!!

Andrew is an anomaly...because he is ginger! But besides that for the last 14 years he has been hard at work building an impressive collection of work, clients and unsuspecting souls. He started his career in television and worked his way through different parts of the industry until he found an interesting mix between storytelling and creating visually compelling videos for corporate companies, From planning to final product he is a one man ginger army.

At AVE we take pride in our ability to be the absolute all rounder.  No matter what your Audio Visual needs are. We are able to make it happen. Our ability to capture your special day is matched with our ability to DJ your event and party the night away.  We ensure that we remove all the complexities and give you the ultimate in service and delivery when it comes to the final product. The time we put into a project will show you our passion and drive for creating the best possible video, photoset or whatever your need may be. Contact us today so that we can get started on the simplest journey that you'll ever take
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